How to Use Topremit

Aug 12, 2021

Looking for an easier, cheaper, faster and 100% safe way to send money abroad? Look no further cause Topremit is the solution for you!

Wanna know how? Just follow these simple steps:

  1. First, click the register button to start your registration process. Don't worry you won't even break a sweat!
  2. Then create your Topremit account by filling in your personal information such as your name, your email, your phone number and other required details.
  3. Finally, take a selfie and upload your identity card to verify your account. Be mindful that the time it takes to complete the verification process may vary.

Once your account has been verified your one step closer to sending money abroad an easier, cheaper, faster and 100% safe way!

How to Send Money Abroad with Topremit

Or follow the complete steps below:

1. Choose your destination country and enter the amount you want to send. Then, choose the service you want to use along with how fast you want your money to arrive. Your rate, transfer fee and delivery time are shown upfront so transparency is assured!
PS: You can fill the amount to send in IDR or amount to be received in destination's local currency.

2. Fill in your recipient details correctly such as bank name, recipient name, account number, and any other required details. For your information, the recipient details required might be different according to the destination country. You can also choose recipient details from your past transaction records to ensure a better sending money experience.

3. Tick declaration part if you have input the correct information, then tap 'Continue'.

4. Also, your complete transaction details will be shown which means you can make sure all the information is correct. Finally, make payment to one of Topremit’s bank accounts.
PS: make sure the amount you sent has included the unique last 3 digit numbers to complete your payment.

5. After you've made your payment, tap 'I Have Paid'.

If there are still some steps that are confusing, then may we suggest you check out our in depth and detailed "How to Use" video here: We hope this helps you send money abroad in a cheaper, faster & 100% safe way!

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