Why we're doing this again?

Apr 25, 2020

Corona is getting more serious in Indonesia day-by-day. And many of you might already feel the impact of Coronavirus, in your life or even your career.

As we make a Zero-Fee movement that has ends earlier on 31 March 2020. Today, we want to give 1x Zero-Fee voucher to everyone, either you’re newly registered, or you’ve stayed with us all this time. (NB: You’ll get the voucher right away after you register).

We wish with this contribution, we can bring values to you and the society.

Someone out there might need to hear your message, we’ll appreciate it if you could share this message to your friends, or on your social media.

The government is doing their best right now, let’s do our part now.

Hope you’re doing well and healthy, buddies.

See how to use your voucher here

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