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How to Apply the Special Promo Code for the Deepavali Festival

India Nov 10, 2023

Currently living in Indonesia and have a need to transfer funds home to pay the bills and help support your family? Or there's a business deal with a supplier in India that you urgently need to pay for? Well whatever the need is, if it involves sending money to India from Indonesia then Topremit has you covered!

Additionally, If you're keen to discover how to apply the referral code and promo code to maximize the promotional vouchers available during this event, as well as gain further insights into our comprehensive suite of services designed to facilitate money transfers to India, please explore the concise explanations provided below.

Special Referral Code

We always love to help our new users experience an easier, cheaper & faster way to send money abroad. That’s why we are really happy to reward you with an additional 50% discount voucher once you register with the referral code ‘INDIA2023’ that is valid till the 30th of November.

How to Use the Referral code

To make sure you don’t miss out on this special offer, here’s how to input the referral code:

  1. Visit our website or download the Topremit app from your Appstore / Playstore.
  2. Click the “Register” button to start your registration process.
  3. Input a valid email address, phone number, & the referral code ‘INDIA2023’ then click “Register”.
  4. Complete your verification process by taking a selfie and uploading your identity details (e-KTP/Passport).
  5. Once done, you will get a special 50% transfer fee discount that can be used for transfers to India using both our Normal or Instant Speed service, valid till the 31st of December 2023.

Free Transfer Promo Code - INDIAFREE

Yup, that’s right! We are also giving out free transfer vouchers for Normal & Instant Speed transactions to India till the end of October! So, get straight to it and try a more convenient way of sending money to India FREE of charge!!!

Please note the following terms and conditions:

  1. Available for Normal & Instant Speed.
  2. Min. IDR 10 million per transaction.
  3. Valid till 31st October 2023.

Here’s how to use the voucher to make sure you enjoy this special gift:

How to Use INDIAFREE Voucher
  1. Choose India as your destination country and enter the amount you want to send. Make sure it is at least IDR 10 Million to enjoy this special offer.
  2. Choose between either our Normal or Instant Speed service then fill in your recipient's details correctly.
  3. Scroll down to the 'Apply voucher/airasia points' section, then tap ‘Apply’.
  4. You will find the voucher ‘INDIAFREE’ automatically available for use once you have fulfilled the terms and conditions.
  5. Click use the voucher and your transfer fee will directly become FREE when making the transaction payment.

So, ready to use the vouchers? Here are our services to help you send money to India!

Services to send money to India

Need to send money to India fast? or want to save more on transfer fees? Don't worry, cause Topremit provides a variety of services to help you send money to India:

Bank Transfer (Instant Speed)

For a flat fee of just IDR 65K, your money arrives in 25 minutes to your recipient's account in India. This is the best option for those of you who hate waiting around for your money to arrive and appreciate the need for speed. Plus with our flat fees, you can send the maximal amount and still pay the exact same transfer fee!

Bank Transfer (Normal Speed)

For a flat fee of just IDR 45K, your money arrives on the same day to your recipient's account in India. This option enables you to save even more on your transfer fee while still making sure that the money arrives within the next 24 hours. If you ask us, this is the best deal money can buy!

Cash Pickup

The money you send can be directly picked up by your recipient within 15 minutes at one of our nearest available locations. This convenience is all for a flat fee of just IDR 75,000 which means no matter how much you send, the fee will stay the same.


Send money directly to your recipient's bank account in India and it will be received in US Dollars. All for a flat fee of IDR 75,000 and additional correspondent bank fees of IDR 330,000. The money you send is also guaranteed to arrive in one banking day.

So, do our services fulfill your needs? We always love to help. Make sure you don’t miss out on these amazing offers and try Topremit now!


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