Now Available: Transfer to 130+ Banks in Indonesia via Topremit!

Local Transfer Mar 1, 2024

Now you can send money to 130+ banks in Indonesia conveniently via Local Transfer service from Topremit.  This service helps you to transfer up to IDR 250 mio per transaction with flat transfer fee of IDR 1,500! Here are the details we would like you to know:

Normal Speed Service

By choosing the Normal Speed service, simply pay a flat transfer fee of IDR 1,500, and you can send money to various banks in Indonesia. The money you send can arrive at the recipient's account on the same banking day if the transaction is completed before 14.00 (GMT+7).

Instant Speed Service

Need another faster alternative? Instant Speed service got you covered. Money will arrive at recipient's account in just 5 minutes if the transaction is completed before 17.00 (GMT+7). Say goodbye to expensive fees because our transfer fee is flat, only IDR 1,900! This service is perfect for your needs.

Interested? Try Topremit's Domestic Transfer service now so you can send money easier, cheaper, and faster!


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