Wow! We have some amazing new updates here at Topremit! Wondering what they are? (August 2023)

send money abroad Aug 7, 2023

Good news for all our Topremit users! There are some exciting new features that will make your international transactions much easier. Let's dive right into the following updates from Topremit. (Untuk versi bahasa Indonesia klik disini).

Bank Transfer to Ghana is Back

Exciting news, dear Topremit users! You can now send money to Ghana with our Bank Transfer Normal Speed service, just like the good old times.That's right! We've brought back this fantastic service to cater to all your needs, especially when you require money in the local currency, the Ghanaian Cedi. With a flat fee of just IDR 75,000, you can ensure that your hard-earned money reaches its destination on the same day if you complete your transaction before 16:00 (GMT +7). Click here to explore all the exciting information.

Faster Money Transfers to Singapore

We have made quite a few adjustments to our Singapore service and we hope that you love the new updates. A few things on the list are: Money now arrives on the same day with Normal Speed, real-time transaction updates for both Bank Transfer services and more recipient banks are now available! Get ready for a smoother and more hassle-free money transfer experience with our latest improvements. Click here for the complete details.

Faster & Cheaper Money Transfers to South Korea

Exciting news for those who need to send money to South Korea! With the latest service updates, sending money to South Korea is now faster and cheaper than ever before.

The transfer fee for the Bank Transfer Normal Speed service is now only IDR 55,000, and the money will arrive on the same day if the payment is completed before 14:30 (GMT +7). Need speedier money transfers? Try out the Bank Transfer Instant Speed service, with a transfer fee of only IDR 75,000, and the money will arrive within 15 minutes if the payment is completed before 16:00 (GMT +7). See the complete details of the updates for the South Korea service by clicking here.

Send Money to Business Accounts in Cambodia Effortlessly

Need to make an international business transaction to Cambodia from a personal bank account in Indonesia? Then we have the solution just for you!

Send money to Cambodia business account now available via Bank Transfer! For a flat transfer fee of just IDR 100,000, you can send money to your business partners in Cambodia and have it arrive in 1 banking day. Click here for the complete details.

Higher limits for Canada, Hong Kong USD, China USD and the USA

Great news! We've increased our transaction limits for the following countries and services:

  • Send up to CAD 200,000 when sending money to Canada.
  • Send up to USD 100,000 when sending money to Hong Kong through our USD Bank Transfer service.
  • For business accounts, you can now send up to USD 1,000,000 to China.
  • When sending money to the USA, you can also send up to USD 1,000,000.

Take advantage of these higher limits and enjoy hassle-free transfers with us!

There you have it, some updates from Topremit! We hope these latest features will be useful in facilitating your international money transfers. So, what are you waiting for? Start enjoying the ease of transacting internationally using Topremit! Don't forget to share this information with those who might need it too!


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