Send Money to Singapore Faster & Cheaper than Ever Before!

Singapore Jul 27, 2023

Are you living as an expatriate in Indonesia and seeking a convenient and hassle-free method to send funds back to your home country? Or are you a business professional looking to transfer money to Singapore for commercial purposes? Or maybe you're planning a vacation in Singapore and need a reliable money transfer solution. If so then Topremit is the best solution for all your needs!

We’re also overjoyed to announce that there have also been some amazing adjustments to make sure that your money arrives in Singapore faster than ever before. See the complete details below!

Money now arrives on the same day with Normal Speed

If previously you had to wait one banking day for your money to arrive in your recipient’s bank account, now you can say goodbye to that long wait and hello to same day transfers! The best part of this is that the transfer fee remains at IDR 75K, which means that you get even better quality for the same price.

Please note though that for money to arrive on time please complete the payment of your transaction before 15:30 (GMT +7). Additionally, you can send up to SGD 200,000 per transaction, offering the flexibility you need for all your financial requirements.

5 minute transfers for just IDR 100K

Same day transfers not fast enough for you? Well, don’t worry because for urgent payments that require immediate attention, Topremit's Instant Speed service is the ideal choice. With a flat transfer fee of only IDR 100K, your funds will reach their destination within 5 minutes if you complete the payment before 16:00 (GMT +7). This speedy service is perfect for time-sensitive matters, enabling you to promptly attend to any financial obligations.

Transaction status now updates in real-time for both Bank Transfer services

If previously your transaction status was updated in 2-3 banking days and it became concerning when you didn’t know what the current status of your transaction was. Now you can say goodbye to all that because your transaction status will be updated in real-time for both Instant and Normal Speed transactions from now on. So you will now be able to see exactly when your money has been transferred, is still pending, or has been canceled due to certain circumstances.

More recipient banks available

Didn’t find your recipient bank available when using our Bank Transfer services previously? Well we hope that this new update solves that problem! As before the update we only had 10 banks that you were able to send money to when transferring funds to Singapore, we have currently added to that number and now boast more than 40 banks which are available to receive the funds you transfer!

Topremit understands your various needs when it comes to sending money to Singapore, whether you're an expatriate supporting your family or a business professional involved in international transactions. With a user-friendly app, competitive transfer fees, and efficient services, Topremit provides a seamless solution for all your money transfer requirements.

So, the next time you need to send money to Singapore, trust Topremit to meet your needs and provide you with a secure and efficient money transfer experience. Explore our services today and discover the convenience and reliability we offer.

To initiate a transaction through Topremit, all you need is a smartphone. Simply download our user-friendly app and complete a quick registration process. For a detailed step-by-step guide on getting started, please refer to this link.

Once your registration is complete, you can take advantage of Topremit's seamless and convenient money transfer services, which are tailored to suit all your specific needs. Ready to send money abroad with Topremit? Get started now!


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