Send Money to Business Accounts in China with Topremit for Business

China Sep 14, 2023

We have some fantastic news for you! Get ready to experience the latest addition to our array of services: Send money to business accounts in China now available with Topremit for Business!

For a flat transfer fee of just IDR 100,000, you can send money to your business partners in China and have it arrive in their accounts within the same banking day.

Also, please note these important details we would like you to know about this new service:

  • Only available in Topremit for Business.
  • The money arrives to the recipient's business account within the same banking day.
  • A flat transfer fee of IDR 100,000 with very competitive rates.
  • Send up to CNY 35,000,000 per transaction.

Please note however that we may require some supporting documents for compliance needs to ensure smooth hassle-free transactions, but rest assured that these checks only happen randomly and aren’t always required:

  1. Screenshot of transfer receipt that proves payment has been made to Topremit via Bank Transfer (We aren’t able to process cash deposit payments currently).
  2. Proof of company registration to validate sender details.
  3. A valid ID (Either e-KTP or Passport) to validate sender information.
  4. An invoice that contains the proper account details of both you and your recipient.
  5. Shipping Proof (This needs to be provided within 1 week after payment).

This service is designed with your needs in mind and we hope that this makes it more convenient for you when sending money to your business partners or suppliers in China.


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