How to Pay on Alibaba Using Topremit

alibaba Jul 14, 2023

As one of the largest e-commerce platforms in the world, Alibaba offers a wide range of competitively priced products from China. However, it is important to ensure an efficient payment method to ensure that the money reaches the merchant as soon as possible so the goods can be shipped promptly. One solution to ensure fast and accurate payments is by using Topremit. Here are some ways to pay when buying goods from Alibaba using Topremit!

Numerous Ways to Pay When Buying from Alibaba Using Topremit

1. Wire Transfer via our SWIFT service

The first method is to use wire transfer through the SWIFT service available on Topremit. With this method, you can send money directly to the Alibaba merchant's bank account through international transfer services. So, if you want to make payments to JP Morgan Bank Hong Kong, Citibank Hong Kong, JP Morgan Singapore, Citibank Singapore or any other destination bank for payments on Alibaba, you can use our SWIFT service!

Here are some recipient account information you will need to make payments using this method:

- Full name of the recipient

- Recipient's address

- Recipient's account number

- SWIFT code

- Destination country

The transfer fee charged when using this service is relatively cheap, only IDR 75,000, but there will be a correspondent bank fee of IDR 330,000, which is mandatory when making transfers via SWIFT through any service.

2. Direct Transfers to the Supplier's Bank Account using our Bank Transfer Services

All the payment methods provided in the Alibaba payment service system seem pricey? Well, here's a little secret! If you happen to know your supplier well and can make payments outside the Alibaba system, then why not transfer your money directly to your supplier's bank account. You can still get the same quality of goods for a fraction of the official transfer fee, here's how:

- Determine your desired product or item, then contact the supplier by sending a message in the chat column below the product. Don't forget to ask the supplier about important transaction information, such as price and shipping services used. Of course, the communication should be in English or Mandarin.

- It is also recommended to provide contact numbers such as WhatsApp so that the supplier can directly contact you outside the Alibaba system.

- After reaching a transaction deal, make an agreement with the seller to make a direct payment to the supplier's account outside the Alibaba system, as the fees charged when payments are made through that platform can be quite expensive. You just need to ask for the supplier's details so that you can make the payment through Topremit.

- With this, in the future, you can still use Alibaba's services to browse products and build good relationships with suppliers. However, your payment process will be guaranteed to be much cheaper, easier, and faster by using Topremit’s Normal Speed transfer service.

Sound feasible enough? Well, we're happy to here that! Even more great news, we have two alternative services you can use. The first one enables your money to be received in USD and the second one enables your money to be received in Yuan:

a. China USD Bank Transfer

This service is specifically for those of you who need to make payments to their suppliers in USD, as we acknowledge that not all merchants accept their payment in local currency. With that said, please make sure that your recipient's bank account can receive money in USD before making your transfer. This method is much cheaper than SWIFT because it only incurs a transfer fee of IDR 285,000!

b. China Yuan Bank Transfer

So what if my supplier requires payment to be made in the local currency? Don't worry, here's the option you can use to complete your Alibaba payments in Yuan using Topremit: "Bank Transfer Normal Speed"! With this method, you can enjoy the lowest fee of only IDR 100K! Really affordable, right? Well it definitely beats using other methods and having to pay a progressive transfer fee!

There you have it, some of the best ways that you can use to complete payments for transactions you make on the Alibaba platform. Topremit also doesn’t just help you send money to China, but also allows you to send money to over 70 countries worldwide. So, if you plan to buy goods from other countries such as Japan, the United States, or several European countries, Topremit can be the best solution for you!

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