Send Money to India Easier, Cheaper & Faster!

India Oct 9, 2023

Are you an expatriate residing in Indonesia and looking for a hassle-free way to transfer funds back home? Or perhaps you're a business professional seeking to send money to India for commercial purposes? Or maybe you're planning a vacation to India and need a reliable money transfer solution, then you've come to the right place! With Topremit, all your needs can be fulfilled in an efficient way to help you send money to India in the best way possible.

To make a transaction through Topremit, all you need is a smartphone. Simply download the app and complete the quick registration process. For detailed instructions on how to get started, please refer to this link.

Send money within 25 minutes

If you have urgent payments to make and need your money to arrive quickly, Topremit's Instant Speed service is the ideal choice. With a flat transfer fee of just IDR 65K, your funds will reach their destination within 25 minutes if you complete the payment of your transaction before 16:00 (GMT +7). This service is perfect for time-sensitive matters and ensures that you can promptly attend to any financial obligations.

Transfer fee of only IDR 45K

By using Topremit's Normal Speed service, you can significantly reduce your transfer fees when sending money to India. For only IDR 45K, your funds will arrive on the same banking day if you complete the payment of your transaction before 13:15 (GMT +7). This option allows you to save money on transfer fees without compromising the speed of your transaction.

Cash Pickup

The money you send can be directly picked up by your recipient within 15 minutes at one of our nearest available locations. This convenience is all for a flat fee of just IDR 75,000 which means no matter how much you send, the fee will stay the same.


Send money directly to your recipient's bank account in India and it will be received in US Dollars. All for a flat fee of IDR 75,000 and additional correspondent bank fees of IDR 330,000. The money you send is also guaranteed to arrive in one banking day.

So the next time you have to send money to India and are choosing which option can fulfill your needs best, don’t worry because Topremit has everything you need!

With a user-friendly app, competitive transfer fees, and efficient service, Topremit provides a seamless solution for all your money transfer needs. Whether you are an expatriate supporting your family or a business professional conducting international transactions, Topremit is here to meet your requirements. Explore our services today and experience a more secure and efficient way to send money to India.


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