Send Money to Malaysia in 20 Minutes for Just IDR 32,5K!

Malaysia Apr 12, 2024

Malaysia, our neighboring country, has had close ties with Indonesia for years, spanning across various sectors including economics, business, healthcare, tourism, and finance. Nowadays, many Malaysian citizens choose to live and work in Indonesia. If you need to send money to Malaysia for business purposes, shopping, medical expenses, or any urgent needs, Topremit is here to assist you.

As the first online remittance service provider in Indonesia, Topremit has been licensed by Bank Indonesia since 2009 and was awarded as the Best Financial Services Provider in 2019 and 2022. That's why Topremit guarantees your transactions will be 100% secured. You can also enjoy a 50% transfer discount everytime you transfer to Malaysia till 30th April 2024!

Let's take a look at the benefits you can enjoy when sending money to Malaysia via Topremit.

Flat Fee of IDR 45K

With our Bank Transfer Normal Speed service, sending money to Malaysia costs only IDR 45,000 flat! So, regardless of the amount you send, the transfer fee remains the same. Your money can also arrive on the same banking day if the transaction is completed before 14:30 (GMT+7). That's incredibly affordable, isn't it?

Money Arrives in 20 Minutes

For urgent needs, you can choose our Bank Transfer Instant Speed service. By using this service, the money you send can be received in the recipient's account within 20 minutes if the transaction is completed before 15:30 PM (GMT+7). You don’t need to worry about the transfer fee as it’s only IDR 65,000, and remains flat.

Top Up Malaysia E-Wallet Becomes Super Cheap!

Topremit also can help you to top up e-wallet in Malaysia, such as Touch 'n Go. The transfer fee remains incredibly cheap at IDR 65,000 flat, and the money will be delivered to the recipient's e-wallet within 1 hour.

Special 50% Fee Discount for Instant Speed Service

Currently, there’s a special 50% discount for sending money to Malaysia using our Instant Speed service. So, don’t miss out on this exclusive promo to save more!

Here are the terms and conditions we would like you to know:

  • Minimum transaction of IDR 5 million
  • Exclusive for Instant Speed service
  • Available for multiple time uses
  • Valid till 30th April 2024

Want to grab your discount? Please follow these steps:

  1. Choose Malaysia as the destination country and fill in the amount you want to send. Make sure it is at least IDR 5 million to fulfill the terms & conditions.
  2. Select the Instant Speed service and fill in the recipient's details correctly.
  3. Click 'Apply voucher/airasia points' and enter the promo code ‘MYS50’. Voila! The transfer fee will be discounted automatically.
  4. Complete payment and your money is ready to be processed.

There you have it, the benefits you can enjoy when choosing Topremit to send money to Malaysia. With our user-friendly app, affordable transfer fees, reliable service, and special transfer fee discounts, Topremit is the best solution for all your international money transfer needs. So, let's start sending money to Malaysia with Topremit now!

For further information, don't hesitate to contact our Customer Support team via Live Chat/WhatsApp: 0823 6196 0569.

Have a great day! 🌤️


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